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  2. How to Play

How to Play

We've hidden nearly 100 hexpansions around Electromagnetic Field 2024, waiting to be connected to your badge. When you connect a hexpansion to your badge you collect points for that location and bonuses and achievements along the way.

From points you get a position on our leaderboard - now you can play against everyone else at EMF! If you want to compete play along with your friends, you can set up a private leaderboard for yourselves.

GCHQ.NET signage
Examples of our collection points

How do I capture a Hexpansion?

GCHQ.NET Marker Hexpansion
A GCHQ.NET Quest Marker Hexpansion

Insert the hexpansion into your Tildagon badge, with the TOP label upwards. The GCHQ.NET capture app will automatically load from the Hexpansion and display a Safe to Eject message.

If the hexpansion isn't detected immediately, reboop your badge with the hexpansion inserted.

Once captured, your badge will store the capture evidence. You will need to download the GCHQ.NET App from the Badge Store for your captures to be submitted to the leaderboard.

You do not need a WiFi connection to capture a Hexpansion, but you do need Internet to upload it to the leaderboard.

How do I find them?

We've hidden hexpansions all over the site, some obvious, some in really obscure locations. If you want to be at the top of the leaderboard, you will need to search high and low!

Some hexpansions are grouped together, such as the ones hidden in Null Sector. You will get a bonus if you capture all hexpansions in a group.

There are hints, clues and bonus points available to players that log into the GCHQ.NET website.

GCHQ.NET Map of EMF site
Use the GCHQ.NET Map to find more Hexpansions

What does the website do?

GCHQ.NET website with a private leaderboard
Get competitive on your village leaderboard!

You can log into the GCHQ.NET website without signing up, simply enter the security code shown in the GCHQ.NET Badge App.

Find hints and easter eggs, view your finds and compete again your friends using private leaderboards.

For those of us who don't like the web, you can also access GCHQ.NET over SSH, telnet, dial-up, telephone and post. See our platforms for details.